April 10, 2014



This week, we immediately terminated Coach Ryan Kapuscinski upon learning that he allegedly had sex with an underage girl.  News stories about this situation have contained a number of inaccuracies, so we want to set the record straight and clarify any misconceptions.


The 15-year-old resident that Mr. Kapuscinskiallegedly had sex with is not a volleyball player at New Mexico Juniors Volleyball Club (Club).  She and Mr. Kapuscinski did not meet at our Club, and she isnot a member of our Club in Albuquerque. It is our understanding that she met Mr. Kapuscinski at a volleyball event unrelated to and not affiliated with our Club.



Prior to hiring Mr. Kapuscinski, our Club did an extensive background check.  This incident did not show up because it was never reported. He did nothave any record of inappropriate conduct with underage girls, any criminal history, or any other issues that would have caused us concern at the time of his hiring.



Mr. Kapuscinski was not the volleyball coach for the 15-year-old resident.



We have never had a report of inappropriate conduct between Mr. Kapuscinski and any of our club members, however we did immediately terminate his employment upon learning that he allegedly admitted to having sex with the 15-year-old resident.

The New Mexico Juniors Volleyball Club is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and appropriate contact between our staff and coaches and the players in our Club.  All coaches go through extensive background checks.  Appropriate supervision is provided on the Club premises and at all Club-sanctioned events.

We will continue to seek the most talented, professional and ethical coaching staff for the New Mexico Juniors Volleyball Club.  We remain dedicated to providing a safe, appropriate venue for all Club members to practice and enjoy volleyball and improve their skills.

We ask for your continued support.  Please feel free to contact the Club Director, Mr. Geoff Lawson at (505) 688-6171 if you have any questions or would like to discuss this matter further.


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Sand Season             April-July, 2014


Practice Times              Sunday               2:00-4:00pm

                                        Tuesday              6:15-8:00pm


Location                        Stoneface Courts

                                   5949 Holly Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113


Competitions            Regional Doubles Sand Competitions

                                     Local Sand and Grass competitions

Cost: $375           80 hours of training April 8-July 31

                                   fundraising available


Beach Volleyball is an excellent way to improve your volleyball skills and intellect. With only two players per team, the number of contacts is exponentially higher per person and therefore learning is  exponentially  faster. College sand volleyball is an emerging sport for women in the NCAA. College playing opportunities are becoming available for outdoor players and every year more teams are adding sand volleyball to their programs.

Sand Program
Contact Geoff Lawson



Here are the dates for the Rio Rancho Series for the red and white teams

February 9, 2014

11 Black ,12 Black, 12 Red, 13 Red, 13 / 14 white, 14 Red, 15 Red, 15 white, and 16 Red 

February 23, 2014

11 Black
13 White
14 White
15 White

March 2, 2014

11 Black ,12 Black, 12 Red, 13 Red,13 / 14 white 14 Red, 15 Red, 15 white, and 16 Red

March 16, 20014

11 Black ,12 Black, 12 Red, 13 Red,13 / 14 white 14 Red, 15 Red, 15 white, and 16 Red

April 6, 2014

11 Black
13 White
14 White
15 White

April 13, 2014

11 Black ,12 Black, 12 Red, 13 Red,13 / 14 white 14 Red, 15 Red, 15 white, and 16 Red

May 4, 2014

11 Black ,12 Black, 12 Red, 13 Red,13 / 14 white 14 Red, 15 Red, 15 white, and 16 Red


Chile Tots Developmental League

Ages 8-12

New Mexico Juniors in collaboration with other Albuquerque area volleyball clubs will be starting a developmental league for players’ ages 8-12 that do not participate in the traditional club season. The program will consist of one practice per week with Master Coaches and with UNM Lobo volleyball players. The program is designed to be an introductory step into organized volleyball for players who are new to the sport or may not have time to commit to the traditional club season. Participants will play in bi weekly tournaments in a fast and fun mini volley style of play. Players will be grouped into teams of 3 or 4 and play other club programs’ teams. Because there are fewer players on the court at one time each player will get more action and therefore learn faster.


Practices Tuesdays 5:30-7pm

Tournaments will be played Twice a month on Saturdays


Session 2 January & February

Cost $99 per 2 month sessionJanuary and February Informational meeting Tuesday January 7th @ 5:00pm

Play Dates 

January        1-11 & 1-25

February     2-8 & 2-23



Session 3 March & April

Cost $99 per 2 month session

Play Dates 

March           3-1 & 3-15

April             4-5 & 4-19


To Register please use the Registration link at the top of www.nmjuniors.com and select

    2013-2014 CHILE TOTS DEVELOPMENTAL LEAGUE 8-12yro then choose appropriate session. 

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shoulder shoulder injury


New Mexico Juniors is dedicated to giving their athletes the best opportunity to learn and improve at the game of volleyball, but not at the expense of player’s physical and mental well-being. NM Jrs. uses focused and developed training methods that give players a high number of repetitions in a given time frame. It is the opinion of New Mexico Jrs. that players need not train 5 or 6 days per week if the training they receive is focused and efficient. Excessive training can damage the minds and bodies of developing athletes, and this can lead to burn out and most often overuse injuries. Overuse injuries can also be a product of players only focusing on one sport or more specifically one position in that one sport which can lead to injuries from repetitive movements of the same joints and muscle groups. We encourage young players to try every position and also play other sports to become a better and more well rounded athlete. I am including links to several articles that cover the topic of overtraining as it relates to volleyball.

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